Exquisite Gay Weddings maakt jouw gay of lesbi bruiloft in Amsterdam of Waterland exclusief en onvergetelijk.

Stylish photo shoot as an emblem for the LGBT community

This wonderful wedding was shot on December 29th in 2017. The wedding shoot is a styled banner for the LGBT community. It’s a tasteful visual story about the wedding and the underlying love story of the brides Ashley and Yvette. Dream away watching this breathtaking wedding in the romantic colours ivory and purple!

Magical Lesbian wedding in downtown Amsterdam

The backdrop for this wedding ceremony was provided by the stunning Keizersgrachtkerk church in the heart of Amsterdam. The velvet colour palette with green tints completed the setting. The first time Ashley and Yvette saw each other that day could not have been more romantic. They synchronously descended, each on their own spiral staircase, down to the altar. That’s where the magical moment took place.

The ceremony, including the movingly sensitive performance of flute player Paul Smithuis, was divine. A scintillating champagne toast blessed the couple in happiness. They then left the church for a romantic ride in a carriage, through the fresh winter streets of Amsterdam.

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Team effort

Antonio Ortega, together with an exquisite team of suppliers, created the right conditions for this delightful love story.

Note by the wedding planner, Antonio Ortega

"Without this fantastic group of suppliers, this remarkable event would never have taken place. Their generous and professional work during planning and coordination of this day yielded truly memorable moments for Ashley and Yvette. Together, we created the perfect conditions for this breathtaking and romantic wedding. Finally, I am very grateful for all expressions of love and support by my partner, Kerry Reinking.”

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