Exquisite Gay Weddings maakt jouw gay of lesbi bruiloft in Amsterdam of Waterland exclusief en onvergetelijk.

Exclusive gay wedding planning for an unparalleled wedding

Your wedding should be no less than exquisite. As a unique couple you want the best celebration, the subtlest of planning and the most beautiful location. You should want for nothing, like a fairy tale. Together, you want to have to do nothing more but enjoy the most special day of your lives. It will be a grand day thanks to Exquisite Gay Weddings.

Exquisite Gay Weddings will take care of every little detail

Exquisite Gay Weddings (EGW) advises on and plans exclusive weddings for same-sex couples. EGW combines gay wedding planning, professional ceremony mastery and advice. This marriage of services allows EGW to organise unique weddings. No matter what your dream is, be it a ceremony at an estate or a grand feast in a castle, Exquisite Gay Weddings can make it a reality. EGW organises weddings throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Each event will be uniquely organised according to your own vision and desires. In this respect, taking care of everything and taking your worries away are our main priorities. An obligation-free, personal consultation and our large network of reliable suppliers allow us to prepare a customised quotation. In this way we will make your dream wedding a reality together.

Our exclusive services

Wedding planning in the Amsterdam region for a heartfelt wedding

We, at Exquisite Gay Weddings, have a cool head for planning and a WARM heart for the LGBT community. EGW is part of The Unique Concept of Professional Wedding Planner Antonio Ortega Jaen. The Unique Concept stands for exclusive wedding planning and styling, and a great network of business partners. EGW, a specialised branch of the Unique Concept, only organises weddings for LGBT couples. This means that your specific wedding wishes are in the safe hands of Exquisite Gay Weddings and will be dealt with confidentially and tactfully.

Our story

Always willing to go the extra mile

"As a master of ceremonies, I worked with Antonio. He has a great attention to detail, knows what the bridal couple wants, is extremely involved and always ready to work an extra mile. On the day before the wedding and the wedding day itself, he has done a lot to make everything looks perfect, without disturbing the guests. The communication can be a bit confusing, because his Dutch isn't perfect, but he largely makes up for that with his open way of communicating. I really enjoyed working with Antonio and would definitely recommend him as a Wedding Planner because he is always willing to go the extra mile."

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Planned to the letter

I have to admit that, in the approach to the wedding, I really doubted Amanda and Ronald's choice to let Antonio take care of the wedding. I doubted if he could keep his promises and if it wouldn't end up in a disaster if he couldn't. But nothing could be further from the truth!

About the decoration and effort Antonio put in it, I only have one word: WOW!

During the big day, I didn't see Antonio that often, but still everything that needed to be done, was taken care of. Amazing!

He takes the extra mile to make sure it will be an unforgettable day.

Antonio's appearance, attitude and enthusiasm are lovely. He's very easygoing.

Everything was planned to the letter.

I think Antonio is amazing, he does a great job as a Wedding Planner. The whole day he walks around with a smile. He comes across as very approachable and is very interested in the bridal couple and the family and that's great. And he remembers everything. It really feels as if I got a new friend out of this wedding.

Antonio, you're the best! xxx"

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