Exquisite Gay Weddings maakt jouw gay of lesbi bruiloft in Amsterdam of Waterland exclusief en onvergetelijk.

The exclusive wedding services of Exquisite Gay Weddings

Organising your wedding can be an overwhelming task. What all needs to happen? What should be taken into consideration? Involving a wedding planner or wedding advisor in advance is anything but a luxury. Exquisite Gay Weddings' expertise and personal approach lets you look forward to your wedding with peace of mind. Depending on your needs and wishes, EGW can either completely or partially organise your wedding. In this way you will have more than enough time to just enjoy your special day.

The Exquisite Gay Wedding Planning Services

You are a unique couple with unique wishes for your wedding. You only want to have to use the organisational assistance you need. At EGW we will make sure that the wedding planning is perfectly attuned to all your needs. At Exquisite Gay Weddings you can choose from 6 wedding planning service packages.

Wedding consultancy

Are you planning to organise your wedding yourself? Would you like some advice as to the ins and outs of organising a wedding? Exquisite Gay Weddings can also offer their services as a wedding consultancy. A consultation takes on average 2.5 hours. During this time we will advise you on how to develop a theme, the colour pallet, a realistic day schedule and compiling a scenario, among other things. Also in respect of budgets, Exquisite Gay Weddings can provide you with independent advice.
If it appears that you may need more assistance, we can also discuss any further wishes you may have during the consultation. There is always the option to extend the Exquisite Gay Weddings task package.

Price: €162,50

Wedding planning: Foundations

For couples who have already looked into locations and suppliers we have the Foundations arrangement. Here, EGW will further develop your plans. Our team will advise you on the most adequate suppliers, the right budget and how to compile a professional scenario for your dream wedding. EGW will also take on the role of master of ceremonies in consultation with you. When opting for the Foundations arrangement you are in control. You will only outsource the stress of the organisation. In this way you will have the joys and not the burdens.

Price begins at €1,150

Wedding planning: Unlimited

Let Exquisite Gay Weddings take care of the entire wedding planning while you invest in the wedding of your dreams. Based on the personal consultation our professional team will fulfil all your wedding dreams. EGW will hire the suppliers and rent the unique locations for you, up to and including coordinating the scenario. And, on the big day itself, EGW will be at your side. You will be spared all stress and all you have to do is enjoy your exclusive wedding.

Cost: from €2,500

If you wish for a customised portfolio, we can offer a maximum of 3 locations and an established selection of suppliers whose availability on your wedding day has already been checked.
Available for €150

There is, of course, the option to extend the offer with more locations or suppliers, for a supplemental fee.

Quotations for all the different arrangements will be compiled per wedding based on an hourly rate.

More information on the arrangements

A master of ceremonies to say ‘Yes’ to

One of the cost items on the wedding planning checklist is the master of ceremonies. Your big day will depend totally on solid coordination and direction, which is why you want to be able to depend on a professional master of ceremonies. Exquisite Gay Weddings understands the importance and associated responsibility of this role, and EGW can arrange a professional for this crucial task. During the intake interview, EGW will discuss the tasks you wish to entrust to the master of ceremonies. In this way you have control over what you outsource and what you wish to coordinate yourself.

EGW's Master of Ceremonies will:

  • Personally participate in the intake interview.
  • Check the contracts of suppliers involved.
  • Consult with you 2 months before the wedding day, and again 3 weeks before the wedding day, on the scenario.
  • Walk you, and the master of ceremonies selected from your family and friends, through the entire wedding day at the location.
  • Timely forward the definitive scenario to all parties involved.
  • Make sure that the wedding day is executed completely according to your wishes laid down in the scenario.
  • Be the host to all invitees and suppliers during your wedding

Price: € 995,-

I want a Professional Wedding Planner

Introduction & wedding planning checklist

Regarding the intake interview Exquisite Gay Weddings will pay you a personal visit and put you at ease. We take as much time as you need for this. During this first meeting the advisor will listen to your wishes and needs. Subsequently, EGW will discuss with you the assistance that would be needed for your wedding.

  • Wedding planning checklist
    In order to best advise you, the wedding planner will go over a wedding planning list with you. This is a useful overview that includes all the ins and outs and the budgeting of a wedding plan.

  • Quotation & planning according to your wishes and budget
    EGW will only proceed once you have been able to calmly consider everything. Planning your wedding is done at your own speed. There is no need to rush. After the interview, EGW's Professional Wedding Planner will compile a suitable quotation for you. As soon as you and the advisor have come to an agreement, Exquisite Gay Weddings will get going with the organisation of your wedding day.

  • Locations in the Netherlands and Europe
    Exquisite Gay Weddings can be of service throughout the Netherlands and beyond. Maybe you've been dreaming of a luxurious wedding party in the countryside, or a romantic ceremony in a medieval castle along the Danube. EGW will do anything in its power to accommodate your location wishes.
  • In the approach to your wedding
    EGW will keep you posted on the wedding plan throughout its entire organisation. Exquisite Gay Weddings does not believe in leaving anything to chance. Everything, and we mean everything, will be discussed with you. EGW will not do anything without your approval. In this way you will not be confronted with any unpleasant surprises.
    Exquisite Gay Weddings will arrange the agreements, visits, locations and required suppliers for you. EGW will also monitor the agreed upon budget. The day will go like clockwork thanks to EGW's professional scenario.
  • 1 month before your wedding
    30 days before the wedding day EGW will discuss the complete scenario with you and preferably at the location. It will enable you to make any adjustments known to your advisor.
    It will also provide you the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with the location's event managers.
  • On your wedding day
    On your wedding day your own Exquisite Gay Wedding team will be present. This team is fully prepared for your wedding. There will be someone at your beck and call all day through
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