Een geheel verzorgde gay of lesbi bruiloftceremonie van weddingplanner Exquisite Gay Weddings in Waterland en Amsterdam.

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A promising work cooperation with I am Luigi and his Ceremonial style!

In conversation for work cooperation in the wedding industry between I am Luigi and Exquisite Gay WeddingsThe most beautiful day of your life also includes the most beautiful wedding clothing.

I am Luigi is the right address for you. The top 5 questions from I am Luigi: Perfectly matched?  The most high quality fabrics on your body feel? Have your names and wedding date in your suit embroidered?  What is your answer? Read everything about this fantastic supplier Here.

A wedding planner is totally no superfluous luxury, on the contrary!

A wedding planner is totally no superfluous luxury, on the contrary!

Every time I make more wedding couples happy!



Nice compliment from one of my bridal couples!... It was such a pleasure when our acquaintance conversation, you made all our wedding planning much more enjoyable and sociable! 

If a wedding couple says this complementary words teggen me, I naturally get a wow feeling and my heart obviously feels very good!

Read here an article by Zankyou about the best wedding planners of Noord Holland!






Trouwavond Kasteel Ophemert 09-04-18

9 April 2018 from 19.30 hrs-22.00 hrs 

Sign up for the Betuwse open wedding night Castle Ophemert and get a delicious rituals Cosmetics package when you book your wedding at Kasteel Ophemert. 


Collaboration with Kasteel Ophemert 5 of March walk-in evening
10 Dates · 5 March-28 December 2018 
Betuwse open wedding evenings at Kasteel Ophemert 1 x Per month on Monday evening, Kasteel Ophemert opens its doors for the Betuwse Open walk-in evenings for A.S. bridal pairs.  Do you need inspiration to make your wedding day one of the most beautiful in your life? Come to our open walk-in evenings at Kasteel Ophemert Monday, March 5 from 19.30 – 22.00 hrs. 
The Betuwe is eminently a beautiful setting for their love to be sealed. With its fruit groves, forests, waters, castles and vineyards, the Betuwe offers something for everyone. Reads more

Exquisite Gay Weddings proudly present Isignety Jewels


Exciting news – The Insignety Valentine’s Collection is here.These beautiful pieces let you express your love in one-of-a-kind jewellery she will treasure forever

FREE DIAMONDSWedding season is just around the corner, so this is the right time to choose your wedding rings. Hand in this voucher at your nearest Insignety store and you will receive diamonds worth €500,-.Download the voucher now or order it by email at:

Exquisite Gay Weddings & The Unique Concept of professional wedding planner Antonio is excited to help you with what you like. I put together all parts of your wedding day as you can see in this wedding filmed by Royal rushes in Amsterdam.


A magnificent ontmoeting met de Panamesse president!

A conference featuring the following prominent Panamanian authorities: The President of the Republic of Panama, Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Economy and Finance, the Minister of Tourism and President of the Board of Directors of the Metro de Panamá, S.A., Minister of Agricultural Development, Minister of the Maritime Authority of Panama, General Manager of the TOCUMEN International Airport.


Over the past decade, Panama’s strategic location and its integration into the world’s economy have converted the country into the fastest growing economy in Latin America and the Caribbean; transforming it into the ‘Hub of the Americas’. The country seeks to continue being competitive by amplifying services and forming clusters to improve the interconnectivity between all sectors. See the program.

Romantic Ivory & Purple Wedding

Romantic Ivory & Purple Wedding 

The TOP priority of this project was to showcase a styled photo shoot for the LGBT community with the theme Romantic Ivory & Purple Wedding.  What began as some last-minute “preparations” for a styled photo shoot, ended up becoming a great wedding theatre production and a true-life love story for Ashley and Yvette.

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Christmas wedding contest!

in cooperation with


Would you like your wedding directed by a professional master of ceremonies?

Win a chance have our master of ceremonies services and make your dream wedding of the year 2018 unforgettable!

Are you planning your special day on

18-05-18, 18-07-18, or 18-08-18

Choose your favorite wedding date and tell us why you think this date is special.

The most original idea will be chosen as the winner of our Christmas wedding contest!

Contact us via email or Facebook before January 2nd —tell us your ideal date and the most important wishes for your biggest day.  On January 15th we’ll announce the winners!


Good luck!

Professional wedding planner Antonio Ortega


Merry Christmas van engaged, met 20% korting!
Hohoho, happy holidays... Ik sta als proud vendor 3 + 4 maart 2018 op de trendsettende trouwbeurs van @engagednl.
Kom jij ook gezellig langs?
Engaged deelt namelijk uit met de feestdagen en heeft speciaal voor jou t/m 26 december een bijzonder ticket: de limited christmas edition! Dus koop nu je ticket en ontvang 20% kerstkorting!
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We need a weddingplanner, right now!

To enable a wedding planner to organize your dream wedding?

The best wedding planners from Amsterdam!

Sometimes you do not see the forest when you organize your dream wedding through the trees. A wedding planner can take care of you and know the right suppliers from the industry. 

We have listed the best wedding planners from Amsterdam for you. 
When you make the choice to turn on a wedding planner, it's important that you have a click and know what you can expect.

That way, you are sure that the organization of your dream day goes well.

A wedding planner can also help you if you have a small budget to make sure you stay within the budget. 


In Magazine Met Liefde you will find also Exquisite Gay Weddings

WE from Trouwceremonie Magazine met liefde introduce ourself to you!
Because of all the tea, chocolate, cookies, wine and preparation we have learned to know each others more than well. 
A fine collaboration with the input from all wedding vendors specialty makes it a clear vision of marrying and they want nothing more to show you HOW CUTE is getting married!


Sit down for a while ... You're going to say 'Yes' and there's a lot to look at.
Believe us: we know everything about it.
1001 questions come to your mind and your head dizzy of the choices you may, and must possibly you will have to make.

You're getting married, but how are you going to organize it? And you really want to do it as it should "or not".

Follow your heart is our advice.
This is your day!


Lifestyle, Entertainment, Design & Luxury, Living, Leisure, Beauty, Dating, Art, and Marrying


From Friday 27 October to Sunday 29 October 2017, the gay lifestyle event takes place, the RAINBOW EXPO!

The RAINBOW EXPO is held in the 13,000 m² Beursfabriek in Nieuwegein and is the event on the area of; lifestyle, design & luxury, living, culinary, entertainment, travel & relaxation, art, love and community life.


Come from 27th to 29th October to the funest gay lifestyle event, the Rainbow Expo! Experience the funniest day out! Experience the latest trends in lifestyle, entertainment, culinary, health, design & luxury, living, leisure, beauty, dating, art, marrying and community life! Join workshops, test, shop and enjoy fun live performances!

The Rainbow Expo is from Friday 27th to October 29th, 2017 at the Beursfabriek Nieuwegein. will be, you too come!

Partnership with Suits at Sea | Wedding Suits

Cheers to a beautiful and unique partnership between Exquisite Gay Weddings and Suits at Sea | Wedding dresses!

What a unique way to give full attention and service to Gay weddings couples when choosing their wedding suits, thanks Mr. Lloyd!

For you or for your upcoming groom, buying a beautiful wedding suit is probably one of the most important things to consider to prepare your for wedding day. As a Style Artist with 11 years of experience in wedding suits and 100% satisfaction from his clients, Lloyd knows how important this decision is as no other! That's why your personal wedding attire requires advice - looking closely at your personality, your colour type and your posture - to tailor a unique wedding suit that suits you as a person, the wedding theme and your groom.

Mini City Guide getting married in Amsterdam.

There are so many things that an upcoming wedding couple needs to think about!

Zankyou supports LGBT Weddings as well.

Exquisite Gay Weddings is listed in the very first Mini City Guide for planning and organizing a GAY Weddings in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

Zankyou is the largest international wedding portal in 23 countries, with over 350,000 registered bridesmaids per year and 5 million monthly visitors.

Follow Zankyou to stay informed of the latest news about planning your biggest day!


Click here to read the article.


Secret Garden Gay Wedding

Styled Photo Shoot

What began as some last-minute “preparations” for a styled photo shoot, ended up becoming a great wedding theatre production and a forever kind of love story for Robert and Patrick. The setting for this production was this beautiful Castle in the city of Ophemert, This location offers a setting of vast lawns with trees, including a number of oaks of hundreds years. The estate boasts a powerful, classic and rustic atmosphere, which is further accentuated by several patios, a swimming pool and open garden rooms. A soft colour palette and natural greens complemented the setting which Antonio Ortega used to create the beautiful story on a stunningly sunny day. 

Film: Secret Garden Gay Wedding Styled Photo Shot April 30, 2017

Click here to see the video

Thank you to all participants for their collaboration in this fantastic photo shoot to promote weddings within the LGBT community.



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A wedding planner specialized in gay and lesbian weddings.

Gay wedding planning in the Amsterdam 

Exquisite Gay Weddings is a specialized branch of The Unique Concept. I only organise weddings for LGBT couples. 

Clover Jean – All Round Party Entertainer 

Guests adore enjoyment at celebrations. Therefore, by adding an element of fun, it puts a special twist on your marriage or event. What is more, include music during the ceremony or reception. As your celebrant I’ll sing a few black gospel, jazz or soul songs (optional) at the matrimony service.

When you add a personal touch your family and friends are sure to have an amazing time. More importantly, it will be a wedding or party set apart from the others.

Whether you are heterosexual or a same-sex couple: planning a wedding is stressful. Let the professionals manage the day for you. 

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Abroad

Feature: Know Before you go!

“Know Before You Go” compiles the Top 50 wedding destinations from AROUND THE WORLD along with all the necessary travel & wedding information from the local Travel authority. You will be excited to hear Amsterdam has made the cut! Exquisite Gay Weddings is the only ONE wedding vendor featured the Dutch travel authority information.


DWHA Magazine

LGBT Wedding couple wanted for photo shoot!

Inspiration on stylish gay weddings in Amsterdam!

We are looking for a interesting and fun SAME SEX couple to join in a great photo shoot. The images will be used on social media to promote weddings within the LGBT community here and abroad, highlighting gay weddings in The Netherlands! Join us! 

Email before February 14th to

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